Digital Evaluation Examination System (DEES) ( On Screen Evaluation)

SMB’s Digital Evaluation Examination System is an end to end exam paper evaluation solution using digital platform.

The answer booklets are completely digitized using to high end “SMB’s ogle scanner” which has a capacity to scan 40 booklets per minute and is posted on the central server in an encrypted format for valuation by the evaluators.

With high end security the valuators can sit at any place and evaluate the papers .

Double valuation and re-evaluation are also possible customised according to client requirement with an ease.

With introduction of “Digital Evaluation Examination System” we can eliminate the traditional process of manual evaluation, wrong totalling, revaluation etc. Result preparation becomes very fast and simple and reduced time and cost to a great extent.

Result declaration within the speculated time has been a crucial aspect from the examination prospect. With stringent time fame for evaluation, totalling and result declaration it is essential to have such a system in place.

The system is highly secured with centralised authentication login and evaluation for authenticity. Examination scripts are secured in an encrypted format sot there is no violation or misuse of data.

SMB’s DEES has successfully implemented in many universities with their required specification. Has been serving as a boon to their laborious evaluation process