Library Automation System

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Library automation refers to the use of the computer to automate the typical procedures of libraries such as cataloguing and circulation in the process of library automation, a library makes the use of computers and other technologies to support its systems and services. Library automation is the conversion of a library’s procedures from manual to computerized, such as from a card catalogue to an OPAC, or from manual circulation carde to an integrated library system

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has come a long way to provide basic components to create a degree of automation in libraries. More and more libraries are adopting RFID systems for automation and security needs The use of RFID reduces the amount of time: required to perform basic library operations like issue and return of the items RFID also, ensures that the processing is faster as compared to a barcode based system because there is no line of sight required in case of RFID system and also multiple items can be read in one go. This also helps in faster stock taking and Inventory operations using a suitable hand held reader.