Examination Process Management System (EPMS)

Overview :

The software has been designed for processing complete student examination data, right from enrolment, per-exam/post-examination processing, declaring results, printing mark sheet and degree certificate. This software is integrated with INTELLIGENT CHARACTER RECOGNITION SCANNER.

With the system the examination information are directly transferred from the document to the database, eliminating the laborious and time consuming data entry work and also being very efficient in accuracy and confidentiality.

 It keeps track and uses information relating to past results, subject, exemptions, marks, eligibility etc. so as to minimize the re-data entry work and the system is well prepared with the information before the next exam

Data security and confidentiality is enhanced by tools like, Access control, maker-checker concept, Audit trail for all entries and modifications etc. Powerful drill-down inquiry allows viewing of complete information of a student over years.

Single database and single program makes the user and the administrator comfortable while training and handling of the work of any exam. It makes the administration and control activities like backups/restore/installation very easy and removes dominance of individuals.

The system can be adapted to any of the popular methods used for capturing marks, viz. coding/decoding, marks foils, barcodes, control sheets etc. Image printing is used for printing photographs; signatures etc, on select documents like, Admit card, attendance sheet, mark sheet etc., reducing the chances of substitution. The software is based on windows operating system, making it adaptable to new technologies and increasing scope of keeping with the time.