Overview :

The system was initially deployed in the fire prevention & protection department, to examine the fire safety provision in residential and industrial complex and issue the fire safety certificate to respective user

Gone are the days, when the productivity of the business was directly dependent on the flow of the physical documents from one department to another. The downside of this dependency can’t be enumerated in words. Apart from the obvious downfalls which would include loss of documents (hence loss of information), depleted resources.

A positive revolution is making the rounds in the industry today. E-office epitomizes all the positive aspects of the modern digital world. Today, people are no more solely dependent on physical documents for the flow of their information. They have smart intuitive applications, smart custom made workflows, which when automated, can seamlessly manage the flow of your information along the prescribed chain.

However, E-office is just not about managing the flow of your information. It’s about automating and streamlining all your business processes to fully optimize your productivity. Use workflows to track the flow of your information. Use custom made applications with advanced searching mechanism to search and retrieve your documents. Use specific software to manage your complex business processes.

Security is also a big factor, which is by and large negated in E-Office. Advanced encryption and decryption algorithms are followed to ensure that the data is not tampered in any way, whatsoever