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Digital video recordings are increasingly used across various medical and surgical disciplines for documentation for medical-legal cases, educational purposes, scientific presentations and publications. Raster OT Broadcast system is designed to be installed in operating theatres, conference halls and doctors’ offices and makes it possible to send multiple High Definition (HD) video streams coming from cameras, microscopes, endoscopes and other medical equipment. With its central video & Image management system, it simplifies the acquisition of audio, video and multiple images, with simultaneous recording, storing, streaming, monitoring and control. Designed to support greater scale to education and remote collaboration tool for medical professionals allowing real-time audio-video communication and for the usage of specialised medical services.


Simultaneous recording of videos, sound and still images via analogue and digital signals (SD or HD)

Storage in PACS, SAN, NAS, USB stick or burn on CD/DVD

Export in multiple formats or DICOM format.