Intelligent Character Recognition System (ICRS)

Overview :

ICRS solutions are very well established and proven solutions in the industry. It has an element of intelligence involved in ICRS. It tends to think like a human when there are ambiguities and

Unclear segments in the text. This means that the ICR has to have an inbuilt dictionary, grammar comprehension to decide an unsure part of the text recognition process. Thus, ICRS works with a human approach to the translation process of a handwritten script in more robust manner.

We have professional system for data captures of small to high volume documents with dynamic recognition modes.

SMB Group of Companies is the Distributor, VAR (Value Added Reseller), Prime Dealer and also partner of many multinational brands for their Software and Hardware. FUJITSU is one of the prime partners of SMB for its different range of Scanners. In 2004, FUJITSU started its own operations in India, authorizing SMB as their prime dealers. Fujitsu is having wide range of models to cater requirement to many individuals. The basic model starts from speed of 15 pages per minute (ppm) to high end model upto 100 ppm.

SMB has been promoting Fujitsu brand for more than 10 years and has sold over 150 scanners all over India. Also SMB is a leading seller of scanners in Education segment comparison with competitor.

We have our own team of trained Engineers for after sales support, onsite servicing & maintenance of scanners installed all over India.