Online Examination Management System (OEMS)

Online Examination System has become a fast growing examination method because of its speed and accuracy. It is also needed less manpower to execute the examination.

Almost all institute, Universities, organizations and associations now-a-days, are conducting their objective exams by online examination system, it saves candidates time in examinations. Organizations can also easily check the performance of the student that they give in an examination. As a result of this, the management authorities can declare of result is very quick. It also helps the environment by saving paper


SMB’s Online Examination Management System is the simplest-to-use web-based application for university, colleges, schools, coaching classes, training centres, certification agencies, recruitment firms to conduct timer-based, completely automated, paperless examinations.

SMB is providing ‘Online Examination Management System’ to leading educational institutes, which emerged as very useful tool to prepare for number of competitive exams. 

Today, almost all exams and recruitment tests are being conducted in online mode. If a candidate is going to appear for exam in online format then he must get prepared in a similar environment. SMB’s online exam Management is the best solution to prepare for timer-based,objective-type (MCQ) exams. 

Salient Features

⦁ Question Bank – Built-in question management, categorised as subjects,topics, sub-topics, difficulty level

⦁ Candidate/Student Management – Very easy to add, manage student database with dedicated dashboard

⦁ Exam/Test Management- Create, assign & publish exams for selected group of students

⦁ Results & Analysis- Get instant results on exam completion with certificate, explanations for questions & graphical analysis

⦁ Messaging- Built-in information management to get latest news, updates, shared articles

⦁ Power failure and Technical Glitch- The candidate’s responses to the examination will remain unchanged and the timer gets freeze until the next login.


⦁ Easy to Learn and Use
One-stop-destination for examination, preparation, recruitment, and more. Specially designed online examination system to solve all your preparation worries. The platform is smooth to use with a translational flow of information.

⦁ Highly Interactive Interface
A click to the next trick, simple registration, signing- in, synchronized processing, secured encoding and decoding of information and more.

⦁ Advanced Reporting System
Instant scorecard generation, computational analysis, efficient feedback sharing to boost up your performance and precision. An ultimate combination of detailed and drilled methodologies that will eventually complement your skills and grades.

The online examination system will help in speeding up the process of conducting examination. Teachers will be able to create examinations by composing a set of questions. The questions can be multiple choice questions or single (text) answer question. The system will have the ability to automatically process the results of examination based on the question database. The system will have intelligent capabilities to mark the text based answers not only when there is an exact match, but it will also recognize similar answers by finding the synonyms of the words used in the answer. The system will also provide manual override feature where in the teacher can manually mark or update the result for an exam. The system will also have the capability to resume the examination from last save point, i.e., a student can stop the examination in the middle and can start again at any other time. When the student will start the same examination again, the exam will start from the same point where it was stopped.